“Barbiology” is a small hobby of mine I created for social media to amuse myself and my followers, using my collection of barbie dolls. The posts are created with a combination of photography, 3D modeling, rendering and online images. The ideas are drawn from current affairs and real life experiences of friends and myself.


A holiday of lust, a week of disgust @missavayang#barbiology

Dear weather, acting a little funky lately? Stop showing off, we get it , you are hot. Follow @missavayang to see more of Ava’s #barbiology #avayangdesign

This Morning Issue: I sneezed and felt like a tube of ketchup. @missavayang #barbiology#avayangdesign

Richard: “Is the man in the photo your brother?” Scarlett: “No, it isn’t”
“Is he your husband?”
“No, silly” she giggles.
“Then, it must be your boyfriend!”
“😚That’s me before my operation!” Follow @missavayang for more #barbiology

Richard’s customization for the angle of his dangle - to avoid cleaning up the residue of near-misses and splatters that coat the floor in the morning. @missavayang #barbiology#avayangdesign

A man asks the God why he made woman so beautiful. God responded, “so you would love her.” The man asks, “But why did you make her so dumb?” God replied, “so she would love you.” @missavayang #avayangdesign#barbiology

People say that the world would be better off if it was run by women. Sure, maybe there wouldn’t be violence and territorial conquests fueled by male testosterone. But instead we will have a bunch of jealous countries that won’t talk to each other.#barbiology #avayangdesign@missavayang

Ava-tar: Smoking in 0 degree is the upgraded perfect way to commit suicide without actually dying. @missavayang#avayangdesign

Dyson- your magical hair curler @missavayang#avayangdesign #dysonairwrap#dyson

Home, Sweet Home = Endless Feeding @missavayang#barbiology #avayangdesign

Getting ready to go out tip: shower with full make up on.@missavayang #barbiology#avayangdesign

Happy Weekend! Way to start your vacation 😏@missavayang #barbiology#avayangdesign

Jumpsuit squat in a public bathroom @missavayang#barbiology #avayangdesign

Summertime Sadness- Spray Tan Gone Wrong #barbiology#avayangdesign

How to take out of control acne under control? @missavayang #barbiology#avayangdesign

New Year New Me- Ms. Gold’s BEFORE and AFTER procedure @missavayang#barbiology

My Christmas with elegance. How was yours? 🥂#barbiology